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How a Website Content Developer Can Enhance Your Holiday Sales

It’s not easy to stand out during the holiday shopping season. Over 70% of internet users find websites through search engines, and 50% of online buyers end up purchasing products from those websites. Unfortunately, 75% of users won’t even make it past the first page of search results, so if your website is a few…

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Four Tricks to Help You Run Your Social Media Promotion

Social media management is crucial to building your business, especially since 75% of SEO is now off page and not directly on your website. According to GroupM, consumers who are exposed to a brand through search (which accounts for 70% of website hits) and social media displayed a click-through-rate increase of 94%. One of the…

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Taco Bell Goes Dark on Social Media to Promote New Mobile Ordering App

Nobody does social media management quite like Taco Bell. The restaurant has made headlines by engaging in humorous twitter conversations with celebrities and engaging with ordinary fans on Tumblr. But their most recent stunt is one for the record books. Almost every content development service and website marketing agency will tell you that content is…

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5 Simple Mistakes That Make Your Small Business Web Site Lose Out

Do you think of your small business web sites only as a brochure but available online? This is a big mistake for business proprietors. All that’s available online on their small business web sites are their company address, telephone numbers, and a brief inventory of what’s for sale. A better way to look at your…

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7 Rules That Make Small Businesses Grow

As we look back at the history of businesses, you will  notice a pattern. Some business grow more quickly than others. Are these businesses doing something differently to sustain and build themselves? Fortunately, I can consult with many business proprietors on a regular basis. What I’ve seen is that there is no magic in making…

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Small Businesses Need to Have Web Presence

The internet is a major boom to small businesses, since it allows them to scale over barriers that were put in place by mega-corporations in the past. Now a small business can be known all over the world and have customers from all walks of life; all this is thanks to the global digital world…

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