If the cost of acquiring a new customer is more than keeping an existing one, shouldn’t marketing agencies do everything they can to re-engage inactive customers or subscribers?

Found money campaigns (aka reactivation campaigns) do just that. These campaigns send timely and relevant messages to inactive clients, offering incentives to re-engage with your business. They can also prompt inactive clients to reveal the types of products or services that interest them most, enabling our agency to craft highly personalized and relevant messages for future engagement.

Found Money Campaigns build upon a business’s previous investments, targeting customers who already are aware of and have previously engaged with your business. These campaigns can deliver significant incremental revenue and also position inactive clients for more engagement in future campaigns. Simply put, re-engaging inactive clients makes good economic sense.

At Mogul Local, our clients have experienced tremendous success with Found Money Campaigns.

Each of our marketing packages include a minimum of one activation campaign within your first month of being a client. This is designed to recoup your investment in the entire program in a matter of 30 days or less. Oftentimes, people receive their investment back on the first day. It depends of course on what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.