Great Web Content Makes the Sales

You can have everything, but great content counts most.

Clients make their decisions based on information. You could have a really interesting website, but if you don’t tell the client what they want to know, you’ve just lost a sale.

If someone clicks on your site, you’ve already got someone that is interested in your product or service. It is now up to you to follow through and make them invest in your services. Good copy does this by pointing out what their needs are and showing them how your services will fill that need, all in very easy language.

Information is ok, but where’s the action?

Closing the sales pitch is the most crucial part of the game. If the potential client doesn’t see how your product or service will benefit them in any way, then you won’t get the sale.

Good copy is concise and focuses on what your product or service is all about. The lay-out is just as important, because if the page is stuffed full of words, the little button that says “Buy this” can literally be invisible to the client.

What do you want them to do?

Successful sales on websites have a basic formula – they tell the client what the product or service can do, they tell the client why it’s good for them, and then they tell the client what to do about it.

All this should be done in the space of a minute. Long copy just bores the reader and gives them more chances to click away from your site. You have to direct their attention to the “Buy” button and guide the mouse over to it, also.

You could write the website information yourself, of course anyone can do that. But you run the risk of missing out on what a professional knows, or wasting space on something totally unnecessary. Great web copy generates sales, there’s no two ways about that.