How It Works

Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Mogul Local offers your business the opportunity to outsource your marketing efforts. For pennies on the dollar, compared to hiring a marketing executive on staff (who will more than likely create poor marketing materials), you will have access to our entire suite of marketing tools, services and campaigns.

Let me say this in the plainest language possible…

Most marketing agencies and consultants have it backwards. They expect you to pay a small fortune so you can work with them and trust that somehow you’ll see a return on your money without a shred of proof.

Frankly, I think that’s nuts.

The way I see it, when you hire a marketing agency to help you grow revenues and profits you should know with 100% certainty that not only will you earn your money back, but that you’ll see a good return quickly, in as little as a few weeks for some clients.

Does that sound impossible?

It is absolutely possible if you decide to work with Mogul Local, because when we partner up to help you grow your business, I guarantee – that’s right, I guarantee that as you take action you’ll see cash returns far in excess of what you invest with us. Not only that, but you’ll be completely satisfied with the results no matter what. Either you’re totally satisfied, or it costs you absolutely nothing.

Our Formula Is Simple

We establish a process by which your ideal prospective customers, or clients, raise their hands and come to you requesting things instead of you chasing them to buy your products or services. We create measurable and accountable advertising, as well as well-crafted offers that people will find irresistible.

We combine classic lead generation advertising — permission marketing — and effective multi-step, multi-media follow-up to develop new customers, create referrals, get current customers, clients or patients to spend more money with you, and inactive clients to return to do more business with you using less costly yet more effective marketing that gets results FASTER.

The Mogul Blueprint

Mogul Local has created a proprietary marketing system called The Mogul Blueprint that is so effective, we can only work with one company in your industry and in your market.

The Mogul Blueprint is a COMPLETE marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In short, we have combined some of the best elements of multiple well-known marketing systems and experts including: Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Michael Gerber (the E-Myth), Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn, Claude Hopkins, and others to create one, complete and cohesive marketing system that gives your business the leverage to dominate your market. Utilizing this groundbreaking marketing system along with world class graphics, design, and media, Mogul Local is the only marketing company with the resources to help your business become #1 in your industry. In fact, the system is so effective, that we can only work with one company per industry in any given market.

Triple Play Guarantee

Our Triple Play Guarantee is our guarantee on steroids :-). This gives our clients nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Guarantee #1

You will find your Hidden Profit Analysis with one of our Account Managers to be incredibly valuable or we’ll pay you $100.00 immediately to compensate you for your time. No questions asked. Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and we respect that.


Guarantee #2

After 90 days of working with our team, if you don’t receive a positive R.O.I. or are completely satisfied with what we’ve achieved, we will work with you…for FREE until you do — no questions, no conditions, no small print.


Guarantee #3

We absolutely guarantee when you stick with us a full 12 months you’ll double or triple your investment. If you don’t, you’ll get every penny you invested in us refunded to you, no questions asked.

Step 1 – Conduct a Hidden Profit Analysis +

We’ll analyze your business to identify whether we’re a good fit for each other. We do this because whenever we take on a new client, we take on all the financial risk. By the 90 day mark, you must be confident that we’re on track to get you amazing results (if we haven’t done so already), or we’ll help you until you do…for FREE

Step 2 – Conduct a Full Business Audit +

When you decide to become a client, the first step we are going to accomplish is to understand your business in detail. The reality is that my team and I cannot devise the proper plan until we know the ins and out of your business. We want to understand the product and services you offer, your existing marketing system, and drill down your target audience. We will craft your core message, which will help differentiate you from your competition, make your business stand out and attract clients/customers to you. The main point of this step is to get an inside look into your business.

Step 3 – We Design Your 90 Day Mogul Game Plan +

Based on the results from your business audit, we will determine which campaign(s) will be a perfect fit to implement in the next 90 days.

You will receive:

A client scorecard to track your progress
90 day game plan
Month one game plan (includes a “found money campaign” that will be launched immediately)
Website Evaluation (SEO, Security, and Conversion)
Competitor Analysis
Social Media Assessment
Brand Assessment
Search Marketing Assessmen

Step 4 – Campaign Creation +

We will begin the creation of all elements for your campaign copy-writing, graphics, landing pages, etc. We want to develop all the necessary pieces to construct your campaign.

Step 5 – Build Phase +

Here is where we will put all the pieces together. This is where our development team will build all the pages, integrate autoresponders, integrate your CRM, integrate tracking systems for split testing and check conversions for your campaign. At the end of this step you will have a completed campaign that is ready to bring in qualified leads.

Step 6 – Soft Launch +

We will drive traffic to your campaign slowly. We will test your campaign to make sure people are responding and converting. Our motto is that you don’t know how people will respond until you test it. We let the market dictate what works and what doesn’t, not our preconceived notions. The main point of this step is to receive and analyze data, optimize leads and conversions, and tweak, tweak, and tweak some more.

Step 7 – Optimization +

Our final step in building your campaign is to analyze all the data and apply strategic changes throughout the process. We want to insure that our client is receiving the highest return on their investment possible.

Next Steps +

After your 90 Day Mogul Game Plan has been completed, my team and I will continue to manage your current campaign as well as provide reputation management to insure your business is operating at peak efficiency.

Then we will launch a new campaign to help grow your business. For each campaign, we will rinse and repeat steps 3 – 7. Our campaigns are geared toward converting buyers, establishing your position as a mogul in your market, attracting new leads and creating new products or services to sell.

This is not about theory and guesswork.

Usually each campaign takes around 60 – 90 days to build.

We create assets that are:
Consistently get results
Generate revenue
Pull in more leads
Increase your mogul status in your marketplace

Do not wait any longer!


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