Making Good Use of Online PR

Online PR is a tool used to influence the way people think about a business using different online channels. Everything from blogs, social networking sites, news sites, search engines, forums and discussions, are considered fair game. These channels can do everything from launch a new product, plug an existing one, and fix a PR nightmare.

A marketing mix is very important, no matter what your company is selling. Offline marketing (especially to locals) and online marketing (for those who have a farther reach) are the best mix. To date, more than half of current businesses integrate online and offline marketing. A new part of the mix is the integration of social marketing into online marketing. For example, you now see quite a few press releases that include a Facebook or Twitter button on their websites or in email.

With that being said, news can only be reported if companies let media know about it. We make use of online wire services, or ask members of our blogger network to create a post for you. Good SEO practices are imperative to getting hits on search engines, also. The main point of your news release is to get people talking about your business, we incorporate easy ways that they can connect to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube and pass the news on!