Did you know that after looking at a video advert online, 46% of people will take some form of action?

That’s a lot of people!

At Mogul Local, we are experts at video marketing, and passionate about creating and marketing the best content for clients and getting those all-important views and likes!

At some point we’ve all imagined creating that perfect YouTube video and getting loads of people to watch and comment on it. However, few businesses have yet to take advantage of this growing medium. Want to get a video marketing campaign started?

Why not stand back and let us work our magic on your video content.

What we will do for you:

Modify your videos so that they are easily indexed and found by search engines.
Include SEO friendly keywords and phrases in the relevant data fields to ensure a video search engine can find it easily.
Share your video to sites where it could go viral.
Generate likes, plays and comments on your videos to get them looked at.

Why you need video marketing:

It’s a fun way of educating new and potential customers about your products.
There is much scope for imagination.
It helps create and maintain credibility for your business. A well shot video on YouTube will immediate make you more trustworthy to your customers.
It’s interactive. Viewers can post comments and “like” or “dislike” (we hope not) your content. What an amazing way to get feedback on your products and services!