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Website Redesign

Although usability and intuition form the basis of a good design, we think beyond the basics and use design subtleties to drive visitors toward your conversion.

Found Money Campaign

Found Money Campaigns build upon a business’s previous investments, targeting customers who already are aware of and have previously engaged with your business.

Social Media Campaign

Social media is a way of reaching new clients by becoming the topic of conversation on online networks, quite like a new way of establishing word of mouth campaigns.

Reputation Management

Let’s face it, it’s your business on the line – don’t let a malicious comment or misplaced complaint damage your reputation forever

Content Development

Content marketing is all about the creation of good content that attracts and engages with a target group; it is about communicating with customers without the sales pitch.

Online PR & Buzz Marketing

Online PR is a tool used to influence the way people think about a business using different online channels.

Premium Add-Ons

  • Online Video Campaign

    Did you know that after looking at a video advert online, 46% of people will take some form of action? That’s a lot of people! At Mogul Local, we are experts at video marketing, and passionate about creating and marketing the best content for clients and getting those all-important views and likes!

  • Product Launch Campaign

    Congratulations! You’ve got a new product! Now it’s time to sell it to a market that loves it as much as you do. But how are you going to do that? A well thought-out product launch is the only way to make sure that everyone knows what you have. This is our area of expertise and something that we will gladly do for you.

  • Customer Referral Network

    We use proven ads that have worked online in other parts of the country and we test them all the time. Our Customer Referral Network spends tens of thousands of dollars in ads to get the phone calls from people looking for a business like yours. So we take the majority of the risk!

  • Facebook Ad Campaign

    Marketing is putting $1 in and getting $3 out and that is what our Facebook campaign is all about. No other traffic source in the last 5 years has brought our clients more customers for less money. Facebook advertising is working 4X better than ever before, and for more people than ever before. One of the biggest myths in business is that a lead is a lead. The key metric you need to be looking for is a QUALITY lead.

  • Marketing Funnel

    Make every customer in your business worth 50% – 300% more than they’re worth today! Any good business model needs to have a well-executed, easily navigable process to get customers from point A to point B, seamlessly and effortlessly.

  • Mobile Marketing Campaign

    Every local business – like sandwich shops, coffee shops, stores, bars, restaurants, dry cleaners, even health care providers and service professionals – can use a Mobile Marketing Campaign to get new customers, generate more repeat business, upsell existing clients, stimulate referrals and strengthen your bond with customers that love your business.

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