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How a Website Content Developer Can Enhance Your Holiday Sales

It’s not easy to stand out during the holiday shopping season. Over 70% of internet users find websites through search engines, and 50% of online buyers end up purchasing products from those websites. Unfortunately, 75% of users won’t even make it past the first page of search results, so if your website is a few pages in, chances are that over half of your potential buyers won’t even be able to find you.

That’s where a good website content developer comes in. Website content developers work with website designers to increase search traffic to your site through a variety of methods. Usually it’s best to chose a website marketing agency that can manage social networks and design web pages in a way that will convert those casual visitors to your site into sales.

Website content developers will work with you to bring the holiday spirit to your website. This doesn’t mean putting Santa clip art everywhere and loading a snow effect every time someone visits your home page. The truth is much more technical.

Internet users search all kind of things during the holidays, and your online marketer can steer those searchers toward you using tools as simple as a company blog and a social media account.

For instance, a customer who’s shopping for workout clothes for a cousin is likely to search something like “How do I pick out workout clothes?” Your marketer can target that phrase with a blog post that offers insider tips and tricks, then link to your own products in the text. This establishes you as an expert in the industry and creates lead generation potential at the same time.

Meanwhile, a marketer can offer special discounts and deals through your social media count and reply to potential customers who are posting about the product you offer. Social media marketing is often considered less intrusive and more casual, so people will be more inclined to listen.

Contact a website content developer or web marketing agency today to make the most of this holiday season!