Is your Website not delivering?

“Can you change the color of that call-to-action to a subtle grey instead of this striking blue? It’s so in-my-face. I think grey will go better with this soft yellow background.”

While it might seem right to go the aesthetic route, it can sometimes be disastrous for the business goals you want to accomplish on your website. At Mogul Local our goal is to strike a balance between your website’s conversion goal and aesthetics to come up with a “design that sells.”

Although usability and intuition form the basis of a good design, we think beyond the basics and use design subtleties to drive visitors toward your conversion.

Many marketing agencies and website design firms start out by creating a list of things to test. We resist the urge at this stage. We need to find out (not guess) which parts of your business are under-performing and why. Most clients come to us with a preconceived idea of what should be worked on. Ironically, the opportunities usually lie elsewhere—in their blind spots.

You don’t know why people aren’t converting

At this point, you also don’t know why your visitors aren’t converting, so any suggestions you make would be theoretical rather than based on evidence. From our experience, evidence-based recommendations are much more likely to give breakthrough results than glib “best practice” ones.

You need to experience your business as a customer with a “fresh pair of eyes”

It is important to have customer empathy and to understand the thought processes your visitors are going through. If you look at your website from a marketer’s perspective, you’ll act like a marketer. So, if you aren’t already, you need to become a customer of your own site. (You’d be amazed how many people have never done this.) This is what separates us from other marketing agencies while they are focused on make your website look “pretty” we are focused on why visitors are/aren’t converting so we can fix it in the redesign process.