Busy Entrepreneur Seeks Superstar Executive Assistant

Are you looking for an awesome opportunity that’s not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work?

If so, then please listen carefully. Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for an Executive Assistant that can meet certain criteria.

And I have to state upfront, this job isn’t for everyone. We’re looking for a very unique person to fill this role.

We’re looking for someone that would enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job.

We’re basically looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can do this job completely from your home if you have a high-speed Internet connection.

Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone’s SALARY! 🙂

So this could be a wonderful opportunity for you! Not only could you have an exciting job but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you’ll continue to be rewarded for it with more money.

We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that’s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve it.

We’re really looking for that special person that could become a ‘superstar‘ on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working with our team.

Lets get down to business! Here’s just some of the criteria you need to meet:

Skills Required:

  • You must have your own computer and high-speed Internet connection. I think this one is obvious but I had to say it.
  • I need you to enjoy speaking and writing in perfect english.
  • You must be VERY organized and detail oriented. I am one of those creative types so I am always coming up with ideas and tasks so I need someone with the ability to keep track.
  • You absolutely must be punctual. No jokes here.
  • You must be willing to learn new things. We like to stay on the cutting edge with our techniques and procedures so you must be easily trained.
  • Can work from home without distractions.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Manage incoming correspondence, including telephone call screening; mail sorting and possible email prioritizing would be performed by this position.
  • Clerical support to CEO (Organize and maintain paper and electronic files)
  • Travel arrangements for the CEO (both Domestic and international flights and hotels, transportation) incl. itinerary coordination and planning
  • Contact management in Google Apps and CRM
  • Planning and scheduling internal meetings, conference calls, web based presentations
  • Monitoring CEO’s email traffic and follow-up accordingly
  • Run various weekly reports for CEO and follow up on resulting required updates by various staff members
  • Create spreadsheets, compose correspondence, manage databases, and occasionally create presentations, statistical reports, and documents as assigned.
  • Control deadlines of projects assigned by CEO to various staff
  • Special event planning and coordinating
  • Coordinate employee training and seminars
  • Personal tasks
  • Prepare and send out e-mail newsletters
  • Backup support for receptionist on telephone overflow
  • Define & maintain all business processes

Experience required:

I’m looking for someone who is resourceful, organized and trustworthy. NOTE: This is not an entry-level position. You MUST have at least 1+ years experience as an executive assistant. You should be familiar with blogs, research, and email.

If you haven’t had much experience with Google Apps (Docs, Mail, Calendar, etc) this might not be the position for you. We use Google Apps exclusively.

We are a marketing agency so any knowledge that you have of Social Media, Internet Marketing, and/or Direct Response Marketing is a plus.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please send an email to recruiting@mogullocal.com with the subject Superstar Executive Assistant and include your favorite motivational quote at the top of your response to verify that you are human and also can follow directions. If you do not include your favorite motivational quote I am going to assume that you really don’t want to work with our team. Please do NOT include your resume because we will not read it. We don’t hire resumes or backgrounds. We hire Superstars ONLY. Also include the answer to the following question:

What is your favorite tool that helps you stay organized?