“Coffee is for closers”

Does speaking with pre-qualified prospects who are already convinced they need what you are selling excite you?

If not, then don’t bother applying.

I have to state upfront, this position isn’t for everyone. We’re looking for a very unique person to fill this position.

We are a marketing agency that is dedicated to helping local (brick and mortar) businesses use powerful online and offline marketing campaigns to gain visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.

We offer excellent pay and commission structure, and great opportunity for upward mobility. Build an empire within our progressive company. We don’t hire backgrounds or resumes (don’t bother attaching). We hire top producers ONLY.

An average closer can earn $40K, stars will earn 150K per year.

We’re really looking for that special person that could become a ‘superstar’ on our team. Someone who would love their position and love working with our team.

Please do not even apply unless you are a truly awesome sales closer. You have a burning desire to succeed, are extremely client oriented, highly motivated and never say die. You develop deep and meaningful rapport with your clients and communicate with piercing persuasiveness. You believe you can be the best at almost everything you do, and can prove it.

Don’t apply unless you fit this bill.

Here’s just some of the criteria you need to meet:

  • You must have your own computer and high-speed internet connection. I think this one is obvious but I had to say it.
  • I need you to write, read, and ENJOY speaking perfect english.
  • Ability to call U.S. numbers.
  • You must be VERY organized.
  • You absolutely must be punctual. No jokes here.
  • You must be willing to learn new things. We like to stay on the cutting edge with our techniques and procedures so you must be easily trained.
  • Can work from home without distractions.

Specific Functions:

  • Perform strategy session and consultations
  • Analysis of client objectives
  • Client planning, client appointments, and client kick-off meetings
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Manage client relationships for profitability
  • Attend team meetings and may lead a portion
  • Manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback
  • Communicate and document project status and strategic recommendations to clients, team members and senior management on a regular basis; escalate issues accordingly
  • Proactively identify opportunities and deliver improvement
  • Proactively resolve client issues with outstanding communication
  • Network online and at events and meetings

We are a marketing company so any knowledge that you have of Social Media, Internet Marketing, or Direct Response Marketing is a plus.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please send an email to recruiting@mogullocal.com with the subject Superstar Sales Closer and include your favorite business movie at the top of your response to verify that you are human and also can follow directions. If you do not include your favorite business movie I am going to assume that you really don’t want to work with our team. Also include the answer to the following question:

What is your favorite sales training (ex. book, home study, etc)?